Padina Pavonica for pets...

The breakthrough in pet food nutrition

This special algae is farmed and harvested from the rocky sea bed around the coast of Malta - the only place it grows in the Mediterranean.

  • It contains only natural substances, no hormones and no antibiotics.
  • It helps maintain joint and cartilage flexibility and can help mobility in older dogs and cats.
  • Ideal 'bone booster' for growing puppies.
  • Significantly improves the uptake and fixation of calcium from the normal diet.
  • It is used as a traditional food in human nutrition where it has been shown to create bone density.
  • Can be fed to elderly dogs or cats with stiff joints or who are just not walking as well as they used to
  • Helps maintain the protein-framework of bone
  • It is approved by the Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) for inclusion in animal feeds
  • Where can I buy it?

    Padina Pavonica for Pets will only be available in a few exclusive petfood products worldwide. The first of these is in the brand 'Fisherman's Daughter', which has a range of products for dogs including Scottish Salmon oil, dry complete Salmon & Potato dogfood in 10 kg or 1.35kg bags, and 100% natural fish treats for dogs, available from It is also widely available for human uses in cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

    We are also developing tasty natural treats and tablets for dogs and cats, which will include this amazing extract of Padina Pavonica. As more products become available, we will list them in this website, so come to visit us!

    For more information contact Jill Angell on 0044 1905 621889, or email

    For more information on Padina Pavonica download an information sheet click here